Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Kid's Life - Amy Hammond - DAY 11

It's our second Monday in Jamaica and our first day of VBS in Montego Bay. We felt more leaving 2 hours early so we can pick up 200+ more traveling 20 minutes to the more yelling the bible lesson because we're up against the main more 7:30am breakfasts. We're blessed to meet in the neighborhood of Paradise (don't get any grand ideas) and we assemble in their primary school building. Nursery, Primary, and Middle School each get a classroom while the High School and Ladies Class meet under large shade trees. Before we got started this morning, I met up with Leighton. This familiar face caught my attention two years ago when he had the happiest, most energetic, lively singing face of the entire group. We hugged and were excited to pick up where we left off....what new VBS song will you teach me this year, I asked. Then we started talking about his life and family. He lives in the neighborhood of Granville. Our bus that picks up kids only took two adult men to that part of town this morning. It is a rough area and not always safe, I heard. So I asked Leighton how it had been around home. A lot better, he replied, and peaceful. It used to not be, I asked. He said, no, but now I can walk around at night. He explained that last year he was not able to go outside his house after dark. I asked him why had it gotten better: did people just start acting differently or did some move away. They had moved away. What did these bad people do? They messed around with guns, he said. I asked if he knew anyone who had gotten hurt or killed. Without hesitation, Plenty, he said. And this is his reality. It's not how it should be for a bright, kind, fun-loving 14-year old kid. At night you shouldn't become scared, worried, and a prisoner in your own home. During bible class today, we posed the question, How could you respond if someone hits you. Beat them up, was the first shared answer. Would my 11 year old have had that on his list of possible replies? No, it's a hard life here and these children are overcoming mounds of obstacles. Pray for their hearts and souls, please. We had our 8th evening worship service tonight. Another night filled with Christians from different parts of the globe, sharing in the one true gospel of Jesus Christ. Another perfect day.

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