Monday, July 15, 2013

Last week in overview!

Our small & mighty group :)

Me & Sophie
David & Flora Tant
Burt, Crystal, Addison & Harrison Rogers
Amy Hammond
Lloyd Barker
George Slover
Molly Beck 
Joshua Cleveland 

11 of us flew in last Friday & were picked up by Maxwell James, the preacher in Mo Bay.  (Flora had some health issues and they stayed behind 2 days).   We exchanged money, got phone cards, etc, & headed over to Savanna la Mar where we are spending our first week.  Saturday was mostly spent prepping for classes, assembling name tags and activities, and making contact with our friends here.  Services yesterday began at 10am-George Slover led the adult Bible Class and & I taught the children's class (we studied Fruits of the Spirit!).  We sang some of our favorite Jamaican choruses, & Burt delivered an excellent sermon on Hope & Optimism.   After lunch, the men gathered for another study back at the hotel.

After searching for somewhere that was open for dinner, we found a Pizza Hut! The best part by far was that our food was delicious and served in less than  15 minutes :) We use the term 'Jamaican Time' quite often in reference to how leisurely the culture is.  There is a lot of waiting down here...for everything, so we were thrilled to have dinner served in less than an hour!

The week was busy- each morning we would split into groups for separate studies and each evening classes were held at our hotel.  Attendance was great, and discussions were so encouraging.  Friday morning we packed up and headed to visit Mahlon.  We spent a few hours enjoying the cool breeze in his house and Amy even planned a Family Feud game show to play with him!  We sang several hymns, sadly said our goodbyes, and traveled three hours to Montego Bay just in time for evening services!  

Saturday was laundry day and time to get organized for the week here.  Half of the group went back to Sav for services and the others stayed in Mo Bay.  It was a long day but a profitable one.  The first day of VBS in Mo Bay today was a huge success! The kids were awesome this morning and I loved hearing all of those sweet voices singing praises to God at the top of their lungs!  Sophie caught a nasty bug and was lethargic yesterday but is in better spirits today. 

Also,  Jude's father (Chris Beckford) passed away yesterday in Sav & I am so thankful that we had a chance to visit him last week and encourage him in his last days.  So many here are hurting and we have been spending much time in prayer.  God is so good!

There is no Internet where we are staying and finding the time to locate wifi while juggling a toddler has been challenging!  Thank you for all the prayers and emails.  We are so grateful!!


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